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How to create a new MySQL Database in cPanel?

How to create a mysql database in cpanel

You can manage large amounts of information over the web easily. MySQL databases are necessary to run many web-based applications, such as bulletin boards, content management systems, and online shopping carts. Here we are going to discuss about how we can create a MySQL database inside a cPanel.

In the cPanel, you can see a tool named MySQL® Databases where we can create the database which we need for our website.

Once you get inside the MySQL® Databases tool, you can see the text box named New Database: under the Create New Databases heading. Here there will be the username of the cPanel followed by an underscore which will be the automatic prefix of the database name (Which can be changed from the WHM having Root Access, unfortunately you will get only in Dedicated Servers and VPS plans only).

Once the required database name is given in the text box, you can press the Create Database button and your specific database will be created in the cPanel, which you can check in the phpMyAdmin tool in cPanel.

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