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How to create new FTP Accounts in cPanel?

create new ftp account in cpanel

A file transfer protocol account (FTP account) is a type of user account that enables the transfer of files with a host/server computer by using FTP services. It is created and maintained on an FTP server. You can use FTP Accounts interface in cPanel to create and manage your website’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts. FTP allows you to manage your website’s files.

You can create and manage this using the FTP Accounts tool in cPanel.

After opening the FTP Accounts tool, you will be redirected to the inside of FTP Accounts tool where you can see the Add FTP Accounts form. The page will be as shown below:

  1. Login
    Here you need to provide the username of your FTP Account.
  2. Domain
    Here you can choose the domain name for which you need to create the FTP Account.
  3. Password and Password (Again)
    You need to enter the password 2 times in these 2 boxes, just your password and then again for confirming the password you entered is correct.
  4. Directory
    Here you can choose the directory or folder to which the FTP User will have access. You can leave it Blank to provide the FTP User full access to all files and folders in this cPanel or you can restrict him access to a particular folder by filling the folder name in the text-box.
  5. Quota
    Here you can either provide the disk quota for that particular FTP Account or you can choose Unlimited for granting the user Unlimited Disk Quota
  6. Create FTP Account
    After you finish providing all the above details, you can click the Create FTP Account button for creating the FTP User Account in your cPanel.

Once the FTP user account is created, you can see it listed under the FTP Accounts just below all this. You can see it in the below screenshot.

Special FTP Accounts

Special FTP Accounts are linked to administrative aspects of your hosting account and cannot be deleted. They are by default created by the system when the cPanel is created. Its password will always be the cPanel password.

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